Removing Pictures/Videos

Information, resources and tools to help you remove sexual pictures and videos from the Internet.

Select the provider where the picture/video is being displayed.

  1. Include your age: It is important to tell them if you are a child/youth. Include your age at the time the picture/video was taken as well as your current age.
  2. Say that you are the person in the picture/video: If you are recognizable in the picture/video, include this as well – this may give your report a higher priority.
  3. Say that you did not post the picture/video, did not agree to it being posted and want it removed: They need to know that you object to the continued posting of the picture/video.
  4. Let them know if you sent the picture/video to someone else: Include those names as most providers set out rules for the type of content that can be posted and those who break the rules may be prevented from posting content in the future.


To make a complaint about a sexual image shared in a snap, or story on Snapchat:

  • Press and hold on the snap or story until a flag button appears in the bottom left corner.
  • Tap the flag button to report it.
  • Select “Nudity or sexual content” followed by “It’s an inappropriate Snap of me” or “It asks for or threatens to post inappropriate Snaps”. Where possible, include the information outlined in the four points above.
  • Tap “Submit”.

To make a complaint regarding a Snapchat user threatening to post sexual images:

  • Press and hold on the Snapchatter’s name and tap the settings button.
  • Tap “Report” to report the account.
  • Select the most appropriate option for what you are concerned about and follow the instructions for reporting the specific concern within the app.

We update the content on this page quarterly but because online services may change their reporting processes, you may find the instructions above do not work. If that occurs, do your best to adjust the process to match what you are seeing onscreen – it may be that a simple adjustment is all that is required (e.g. if the precise drop down option listed above does not appear, try choosing the option that is closest to what is suggested above). If all else fails, you can also contact us and we can try to assist you with the process.

Report to

  1. Report your information under the category “non-consensual distribution of an intimate image”.
  2. Include your contact information as this will make it easier for us to help you.
  3. If you are being threatened, intimidated or blackmailed in any way, we highly encourage you to report to or report to your local police.